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Yoga In Studio

New angles and perspectives to approach our yoga practice. Instead of the usual style of practice, students would come to their mats in a fully present state of being, allowing the creative and fun spirits to come forward. If you find that you are feeling bored with the current yoga practice, or if you are looking for something new to incorporate into your practice, please do join us in this new class programme.

February 2020 SCHEDULE

# Date / Day Session Class
1 01 MON AM Stretch To Your Limit
2 02 TUE PM Movement With Breath 1.1
3 04 THU PM Let's Stretch
4 08 MON AM Movement With Breath 1.2
5 09 TUE PM Happy Hips
6 11 THU PM Happy Heart
7 15 MON AM BLT (Butt Legs Thighs)
8 16 TUE PM Aroma Yoga
9 18 THU PM Joyous Flow
10 22 MON AM Oh My ABs
11 23 TUE PM Twist To Cleanse 1.1
12 25 THU PM Twist To Cleanse 1.2
13 29 MON AM Vrschikasana (Scorpion)
  • All classes have a duration of 75 mins
  • All packages are valid for ONE month only
  • AM class - 8.30AM, PM class - 7.45PM



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